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How to Digitally Sign PDF Documents Without Compromising Security?

How to Digital Sign Documents using signer digital scaled

These days, more and more papers are turning into PDF documents and further, converted into exact digital copies for better convenience. As hundreds of documents are being signed and shared with vendors, customers or employees, you need a fully automated real-time-based digital signature tool to eliminate paper-based work procedures.

Use Signer.Digital, is a powerful browser extension that supports all OS platforms to create, sign, edit, and send those important PDF files to recipients. A combination of complex modules is optimized for handling workflows with multiple signing, encryption, verification, and authentication.

Digital Signature Using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

To create a digital signature with PKI you use a certificate, which needs to be issued by a certificate authority. It uses a private key for the certificate to sign documents/files. Anyone viewing the document can later use a specific public key for a certificate to verify. A digital signature is a way to use advanced APIs to ensure the authenticity and origin of a message, document, or contract.

Adding a signature to a PDF file is mainly suitable for lawyers, government officials, and professionals who deal with contracts and legal documents. Fortunately, digital signatures are as legitimate as handwritten signatures. There is no more hassle of printing the document, signing it by hand, and then scanning it back to your computer – simply write your signature on PDF digitally. If you need to sign PDFs in bulk, get started with Signer.Digital is the fastest, most secure, and eco-friendly way to sign.

Signer.Digital – Bringing the Easiest Way to Sign PDFs

Signer.Digital is a single solution to fulfill all your bulk digital signing requirements. It equips modular solutions for every sector and size and supports everything, from browser to server, USB to HSM, and Windows to Linux. This browser extension can perform PKI operations directly from browsers, supporting all modern browsers and OS.

No software installation and third-party components are needed. Free PDF signing directly through your preferred browser. Starting from a basic PDF signing desktop solution to a world-class auto-signing desktop application, we have a solution for all.

Comes in three different versions for desktop:

  • Signer.Digital Lite – economical and ideal for small or home offices where a few documents are needed to be signed
  • Signer.Digital Standard – suitable for businesses with moderate signing load where real-time signing isn’t required. For instance, invoices or TDS certificates, internal memos, etc.
  • Signer.Digital Professional – SMEs and organizations that need real-time signing. For instance, business portals, and government departments for proper handling of signed documents.

These Signer.Digital applications can work as bridge applications and be incorporated into the existing system without a line of certain code. Our team will help you through the integration procedure and you are just an installation away to get started. Additional modules can be added to the professional version as per the case requirement.

  • Easy to use and manage
  • Legally valid
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Saves environment
  • Boost productivity
  • Encrypts files
  • Quickly scalable

  • Integrable Features:

  • On-click signing
  • Single page document
  • Multi-page document
  • Predefined signing position
  • USB token support
  • Bulk document signing
  • Transaction logs
  • Interactive signing
  • User management
  • Password protection for signed files
  • Auto signing/real-time signing
  • XML signer and other file support (JSON/text/doc)
  • Signing from a remote location

  • So, if you deal with thousands of documents, replace extensive paperwork and digitally signed PDF signer, Signer.Digital to sign and share files without any hassle. In this case, no special integration is required, just set up an application to digitally sign documents in bulk.

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