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Linux Native Bulk Singing Application/Server Linux Application on Linux

With Linux being adopted by many Individual and Corporate Users and Government establishments, need is being felt to provide PDF signing solution on Linux Desktop and servers.

Signer.Digital may be used on Linux Server or Linux Desktop with cross-platform web application which provides user interface to operate the software through web browser.

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Signer.Digital.Webserver installed on Linux Server serves as multi-user application but if requirement is to use Signer.Digital.Webserver as a standalone desktop application on Linux, the same can be used by installing Signer.Digital.Webserver on Linux Desktop and accessing user interface from the web browser of same Linux Desktop. Linux Page What we Offer 2

For Signing from Smartcard or USB Token on Linux Desktop, Signer.Digital.Webserver uses Signer.Digital Browser Extension form locally installed Chrome or Firefox browser side. Linux Page What we Offer 3

Signer.Digital Browser Extension Host (Download) uses PKCS#11 library of the Smartcard to get Signature from the Smartcard or USB Token, on Linux Desktop.

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