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What is Kluis Cloud HSM?

Kluis Cloud HSM is a cloud-hosted multi-tenant Hardware Security Module (HSM) service that allows organizations to host keys and perform cryptographic operations in FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified HSMs. Kluis manages the HSMs for you, so you don’t need to worry about configuring, scaling, or patching. Kluis Cloud HSM uses Kluis KMS as its front end, you can leverage all the conveniences and features that Kluis KMS provides.

Kluis Cloud HSM
(with Multi-Tenant concept)

Kluis, a solution which may help you save millions of rupees or thousands of dollars spending on HSMs procurement and installation, Kluis, Multi-Tenant Cloud HSM Solution for organizations requiring high security cryptography for transactions while still managing the complexity, cost and elasticity. Kluis is a solution that enable businesses and institutions to own their HSM at the lowest cost ever in history of PKI industry. 

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Kluis KMS allows users to fully manage & control HSM slots as per CCA regulations. Users can easily generate and use their own signing/encryption keys and also automates time-consuming administrative tasks, such as hardware and software provisioning, patching and maintaining backups.Kluis, Cloud HSM Solution is a fully-managed service that automates time-consuming administrative tasks, such as hardware provisioning, software patching, high-availability, and backups. Kluis also enables you to scale quickly by adding and removing capacity on-demand, with no up-front costs.

Kluis, solution is hosted on FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant redundant hardware in HA (High Availability) & DR (Disaster Recovery) HSMs for hosting user keys. Thus your keys are replicated on at least 3 or more HSMs. Kluis comes with easy to use Web interfaces for navigation, integration and telematics and provides an ability to use & manage signing/encryption keys with web UI or Rest APIs, simplifying the integration to the HSM for fast paced development. Nonetheless, Kluis comes with free Signer.Digital application!

How It Works

Kluis, Multi-Tenant HSM Solution, runs in most secured Data Centres, enabling you to easily integrate your own dedicated HSMs slot with applications running on your servers. Your applications connect to Kluis API using mutually authenticated SSL channels established by your client software.

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Kluis Features

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSMs:

Kluis offers multi-tenant access to tamper-resistant HSMs that comply with the U.S. Government’s FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standard for cryptographic modules.

Isolated Slots:

Kluis solution is designed according to CCA guidelines ensuring a fully isolated HSM slot for each client. User gets unique slot serial numbers to maintain & map.

User Ownership Control:

Kluis allows user with full administrative capabilities to control HSM slot/s. User own the slot in the HSM along with the password and the keys stored in the respective slot.

Scalable HSM Capacity:

Kluis Cloud HSM comes with all the benefits of owned HSM. It is offered on pay as you go model with no hardware cost and can be scaled up or down easily on requirement.

Load Bal & High Availability:

Each HA Kluis Group has keys securely replicated on 2 HSMs talking to 2 application servers in Data Centre behind the load balancer and 1 HSM in behind the application server in Disaster Recovery location. This provides additional cryptographic capacity and improves the durability of the keys. By storing multiple copies of your keys across HSMs located in different Zones, your keys will be available and protected.

Industry-Standard APIs

Kluis Cloud Multi-Tenant HSM platform provides an easy to use JSON based web service to allow you the ability to encrypt, decrypt and sign the given data across various data formats.

Managed Infrastructure:

Kluis Cloud HSMs are installed in leading Data Centers and are managed and monitored, this eliminates your expenses of setting up the hardware in Data Center, Managing it and keeping Backups and Recovery sites, so you don’t need to worry about configuring, scaling, or patching. All these conveniences comes at super low cost. 

Let's get started with Kluis

Register your Crypto Signer Client (CSC) account on Kluis CRM home page. Client is registered as Crypto Signer Client (CSC). The CSC Id and Password may be used to login to Web Application, Kluis CRM, where CSC gets to access to utilities like:

Provider would create and allocate required number of slots under your CSC account.

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Security Certifications

Data Center ISO Certification
Kluis Cloud HSM DC ISO Certificate
Development Facility ISO Certification
Kluis Cloud HSM Development Facility ISO Certificate
Data Center Management Certification
Kluis Cloud HSM DC Management Certificate

Note: Visible and full copies of Security Certificates can be requested over email during the process of order finalization.

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