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Knowledge – Why Emerging as a Need for Signing PDFs in Bulk?

Why Bulk Digital Signing with signer digital scaled

There is no denying that digital signatures have encouraged organizations to switch from a paper-based environment to a paperless environment. Traditionally, documents/files are signed and delivered manually, turning the whole process time-consuming, expensive, and cumbersome.

The concept of the digital signing of documents is gaining momentum lately, allowing organizations to save time, money, and manpower for crucial operations. This not only helps in time management but also drives maximum return on investment. – Secure and Fast Way to Sign PDF Files

Growing technological advancement and legal validity in many countries have made digital signatures universally acceptable and an optimal choice to automate business processes. Every business has its own challenges and with this in mind, browser extension, is designed for automated, real-time-based digital signatures – No integration is required, and your business application can be set up in bulk in a few minutes.

It is an ideal solution for various industries to sign thousands of PDF files or other documentation in bulk without human intervention and errors. It can be effectively used for PDF signing, encryption, verification, and authentication. It is a browser extension to perform PKI operations directly from the browser and supports all operating systems. With the ability to sign using a certificate on machine or USB tokens, smart card, or HSM, it supports local machine data and time stamping.

To make the process more streamlined and efficient, Signer.Digital allows users to set a time for automatic file management for signing and sharing, which eliminates time delay and makes the process super smooth.

Key Features of bulk signing solution
  • Digitally sign, encrypt, and authenticate PDF files in bulk
  • Add visible digital signature in PDF files
  • Configures the size, placement, and content of digital signature in PDF files
  • Encrypts signed PDF using specified keywords
  • Signed PDFs can be viewed and verified
  • Share digitally signed files to recipients in a single click
  • Enables user to sign documents, eReturns, or PDF files through modern browsers
  • Supports Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge on all OS platforms
  • Modular solution for businesses of all sizes and sectors

  • No Software Installation, No Third-Party Components – Sign PDF Files through a Browser While ensuring data integrity and legal compliance, Signer.Digital eliminates overheads related to printed and posting. It is the most efficient way to sign and approve documents using a digital signature certificate from anywhere, on any device. Here’s how you can install this PDF signing solution:

  • Install Signer.Digital extension. Restart the browser after installing the Windows extension, if required
  • Open Chrome/Firefox store to enable the extension
  • Not supported on the old version – browsers like Internet Explorer
  • Visit portal to download Linux and Mac host application
  • Note: It doesn’t store user files. Simply, sign the PDF in the memory cache, and send it back to the user’s browser to download and flush the file from the memory cache.

    For PDF signing, follow these steps:
  • Enter captcha
  • Open PDF file
  • Add text annotation
  • Draw a signature rectangle to sign

  • Don’t forget to enable the extension or restart the browser after installation. Request demo now to see in action!
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