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What is Digital Signing of Documents and How does it Work?

Digital Signing of Documents signer digital

Digital signatures are electronic signatures using a standard, accepted format called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to provide a high level of security. It authenticates the identity of the signer and ensures documents are transferred electronically without being forged or tampered with.

Digital signing of documents provides better security and assurance of maintaining documents integrity, origin, and identity. It is a modern alternative to signing documents with pen and paper. It ensures the content of a message isn’t altered in transit and overcomes business challenges to a great extent.

The Role of Digital Signatures

In many regions like North America and European Union, digital signatures are legally binding and retain the same value as traditional ones. Additionally, they can be used for financial transactions, email service providers, areas, software distribution, and areas where authenticity and integrity are a huge necessity. It comes equipped with industry-specific technology called PKI to maintain data confidentiality.

How does Digital Signature work?

Digital signatures are unique to each signer and a browser extension like Signer.Digital follows a protocol called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). It uses a mathematical algorithm to generate two long numbers, known as keys. When you electronically sign a document, the signature is created with the private key, which is always kept secure. To protect the document’s integrity, PKI allows keys to be created, conducted, and saved in a safe manner. supports MAC bulk signing of documents via two options, one is integrating signing services using REST API and the second is using real-time bulk signing engine called Bridge application. No integration is required in this case and business applications can be set up to bulk in a few minutes.

Key Features of Signer.Digital
  • Robust Solution
  • Ranging from Windows to Linux and Mac digital signing, it caters to all platforms with fully automated and real-time signing servers. The browser extension offers a combination of complex modules optimized for managing workflow with bulk signing, encryption, verification, and authentication.

  • Unique PKI Plugin
  • Signer.Digital is a modern browser extension for signing bulk documents that is free to use without JRE dependency. It allows users to sign documents, files, and eReturns through modern browsers and supports Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge on all OS platforms.

  • System Integration
  • It is ready to deploy a bridge application to connect with legacy applications. Server libraries, cross-platform web libraries, REST API, and SOAP API comes along with sample application with integration source code and documentation.

Secure Solution

It is built in accordance with enterprise security requirements, taking well-designed PKI products into account. It is the future of signing documents, encryption, and authentication for customer-focused enterprises, financial institutions, and the government. It offers applications, APIs, browser extensions, and cloud HSMs backed by PKI support.

Request a demo for Signer.Digital and sign PDFs, files, and documents seamlessly with no software installations and third-party components.

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