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Hold on! You don’t need to go anywhere to sign a document. Just like you pay online, you can also sign documents online. Digital signatures are widely used for document signing online, and we have created this blog to guide you on how to use them in real life.

Why Digital Signature?

A digital signature validates the document and brings transparency to online transactions. Several transactions are done online; validating them efficiently is only possible through a digital signature. A digital signature containing a document is easy to trust between customers, vendors, and business partners.

How Do Digital Signatures Work?

Here’s how a digital signature works:

Sender Side

Recipient Side

Common Uses of Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are widely used for signing a variety of document signing online. Here are some of the paperless transactions for which people choose digital signatures:

The seller and buyer can digitally sign a sales agreement to confirm that the document is legally binding and that the terms and conditions of the agreement are not altered.

Financial departments can digitally sign an invoice to ensure customers that the payment request comes from a real source and is not a scam.

Since digital signatures are legally binding, they are ideal for authenticating a legal document.

Data is highly sensitive in the healthcare industry, and digital signatures ensure that sensitive information is not tampered with while shared between consenting parties.

Government agencies at all levels have to share sensitive information, and by employing digital signatures, it is easy to ensure that the document is legit and the right employee is involved.

What’s The First Step to Go Digital for Signing Documents?

Many free and paid platforms are available that allow you to sign your documents digitally. Though there’s no problem going with the free option, the paid ones come with their fair share of benefits:

In The End

If you want a platform that provides quick and reliable services for Document Signing Online, enlist Signer.Digital. You need to be prompt and safe when signing documents online, so it would be best to go with renowned platforms.

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