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Any requirement. One Solution.

Desktop to Server, USB to HSM, Windows to Linux,
single solution to all bulk digital signing requirements.

Browser Extension
for All Browsers.

Browser Extension to perform PKI operations directly
from browser, supports all modern browsers. All OS.
API & Server for Integrators.
An easy to integrate solution in your existing ERP or SAP.
Web Server | WebLib | Dlls | APIs | CORS | Bridge Application
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Kluis Multi - Tenant HSM.
An unique product. Fully user managed & controlled HSM Slots. Unbelievable Prices

Modular Solution for Every Sector, Every Size. - eCommerce
eCommerce Portals - Web Application
Web Applications - Banking
Banking Finance
Signer Digital Invoice Signing
Accounts Taxation - Government Departments
Government Departments - Logistics
Logistics Transports - Health Care
Health Care - Insurance
Insurance Sector - Education
Education Institutes - Foreign Trade
Foreign Trade - Human Resources
Human Resources - Telecom
Internet Telecom - Law
Law Justice - Automobile
Automobile Industry Products


(Bridge Application & SOAP APIs)
Real-time Signing | Auto Signing | HSM Support
No Integration required | Setup in few Minutes
Modular Architecture: Add on modules available.
(as per client requirement)

(with REST APIs & CORS)
Web Server or REST API & CORS that can integrate with any web based application easily.

Apache | Nginx | MS IIS or Any Web Server

Windows Application

           (Server Version)
           (Bridge Application & SOAP APIs)
           Real-time Signing | Auto Signing

Linux Application

How Bulk signing Works?

Often organizations need to sign and share tens, hundreds, thousands or even millions of documents out to vendors, customers, authorities, partners or employees. At this scale it is difficult, time consuming and costly to involve human user in creating and signing of these documents. Instead what is required is a fully automated real-time machine based digital signatures. supports bulk digital signing of files/documents through two options, one is integrating signing services using web server or REST API  and other is by using our Application based real-time bulk Signing Engine (also supports SOAP API)  called  as Bridge Application – in this case no integration is required and your business application can be set-up to bulk sign in few minutes.

Our solutions are unique,
6 reasons to choose
Versatile Solution solutions are the future of singing, encryption, verification & authentication for customer focused enterprises, financial institutions and governments. offers Applications, Server, APIs, Web Application, WebLib, Dlls, Browser Extensions and Cloud HSMs backed by PKI experienced development and support team.
Solution for All

Starting from simple Windows, Linux and Mac Digital Signing application with manual signing to fully automated and real time signing servers, offers combination of complex modules optimized for handling workflow with multiple signing, Bulk Signing, Encryption, Verification and Authentication. offers solution of any size and scale. Cost
Save Millions on HSM offers two alternatives to save organizations from investing millions on HSM. with combination of Kluis - cloud based multi-tenant HSM, offers most economical cloud based signing and remote singing support through USB tokens eliminates mammoth cost of installing and maintaining HSMs.
An Unique PKI Plug-in Modern Browser Extension is only of it’s kind free extension which does not have JRE dependency. Enables user to sign documents, eReturns, or files through modern browsers and supports Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge on all OS platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac.
System Integration

Range of System Integration options:
Ready to deploy Bridge application to connect with legacy or existing closed source applications. Server libraries, cross platform web-libraries, SOAP API, Rest API along with Sample application with integration source code and complete documentation.
Security Complient

Our development team produces products that are in line with enterprise security requirements.
Using industry standard security practices while designing, and developing PKI products is our foremost priority.
ISO 27001:2013 certification for our software products and services reflects our commitment to Information Security.

Numbers Say All

Million Files/Docs Signed
Years of product Experience
Integration (SAP & ERP)

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