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The use of digital signing solutions has become crucial in today’s digital world. It ensures the integrity and authenticity of documents. Digital signatures are not only convenient but also legally recognized. They can be use in place of a handwritten signature to sign documents and verify the identity of a person. DSC signer software is a tool that makes signing documents effortless with its user-friendly interface. Here’s how you can DSC signer to digitally sign documents in a few clicks.

dsc signer software to sign documents(1)
dsc signer software to sign documents(1)

What is a DSC Signer?

A digital signature certificate is widely use in a variety of document works for signing and protecting your personal data. It offers a plethora of benefits from saving time to workflow automation, legal compliance, and cost savings.

DSC signer is a tool to manage digital signature certificates (DSC). With DSC signer software free download, you can simplify the process of signing documents digitally. It provides a streamlined and secure approach for businesses to deal with a high volume of paperwork.

How to Get Started with DSC Signer?

Here are the simple steps to get start with DSC Signer:

1. Download and Install DSC Signer

First, download the DSC Signer web application on your desktop or laptop. After downloading the software, follow the installation instructions to complete the setup on your computer.

2. Registration

Now, launch the application and create a user account to manage your digital signature certificates and maintain a safe environment.

3. Manage Digital Signature Certificates

With a DSC signer, you can manage multiple digital signature certificates. From the multiple digital signature certificates, you can choose the appropriate one to sign your document.

4. Place the Signature at the Desired Location

The application allows you to choose a predefined signing position on your document. Using the feature, you can precisely place the signature within the document.

5. Remote Signing

The web application also allows remote signing of documents or files stored in FTP servers. This can be done by using local USB Token. 

6. Configure Signature Settings

The tool also allows users to configure signature settings. You can customize appearance, timestamp, etc. It helps you ensure that the signature complies with the regulatory standards.

7. Verify and Sign

After reviewing the details of the document, you can click on the Sign button to apply for the signature.

8. Bulk Signing

DSC signer allows you to sign multiple documents in one go. The bulk signing feature is important for businesses and documents managing a lot of documents. It helps you save time and improve efficiency.

9. Timestamping

Adding a timestamp to your signature helps add a layer of security and also ensures compliance with regulations.


Digitally signing documents can be a complex task, but the web application emerges as a reliable and effective solution to simplify the task. It is easy to integrate this software into your workflow in simple steps. The tool allows you to embrace the efficiency and convenience of digital document signing.

Signer Digital offers digital signing solutions for all that can be incorporated into existing systems seamlessly. Our solutions are ideal for small offices, businesses, and large organizations for real-time signing. We can also help you with other aspects of digital signature, like PDF signature validation in Chrome, and more.

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