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digital signature certificates

Internet banking provides users with a simple way to complete various transactions effortlessly online such as money transfers, utility payments, and more.

With such wide applications of Internet banking, having a secure authentication system makes transactions safe and secure. Several user identity verification methods have been adopte by banks to provide safety during banking transactions online.

A digital signature is a form of authentication that can also be used to make internet banking transactions.

How to Procure a Digital Signature Certificate

Procuring a digital signature is an important step to secure your transactions. To get a DSC, you first need to understand the different types of DSC. Digital signatures are classified into Class 1 and Class 2 types.

Class 1 DSC is use for validation purposes. It is the easiest type of digital signature certificate to procure. Class 1 digital signature online free download is also available.

Class 2 DSC is use for GST registration, Income Tac filling, etc.

After choosing the class of digital signature you can proceed with the application process through an authorized agency.

Digital Signature Authentication for Internet banking

A digital signature authentication system is based on the willingness of the user. Customers can opt for either type of authentication system to add a layer of security for their Internet banking transactions.

Once you’ve successfully mapped your digital signature, it will replace the mobile verification system. Using DSC for authentication you can make transactions fast and secure.

How to Activate Digital Signature Certificate for Internet Banking?

You need to activate DSC at the branch before you start to use it. Here are the simple steps to activate DSC for internet banking.

Steps to Log in with DSC

Once the DSC is activate your internet banking you need it every time to log in. This enhances the security of your protection.

You can also deactivate DSC from the profile section Choose the Deactivate DSC option. Once it is deactivate, SMS-base mobile OTP will be use for authentication.


Internet banking is a useful facility provided by banks that allows users to complete a wide variety of transactions anywhere in the world. A digital signature Certificate for Internet banking provides an added layer of security. By following the steps mentioned above you can use a digital signature certificate to secure your internet banking transactions.

Signer Digital is a certified registration authority that provides all three classes of digital signature certificates. Our digital signature solutions include web applications, browser extensions, APIs, and Cloud HSMs. You can also download DSC signer software to sign documents digitally for your specific purpose.

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