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As the transition from physical paperwork to digital documents continues to gain momentum, the need for digital signatures has become increasingly important. In particular, when signing agreements or important documents in the widely used Portable Document Format (PDF), utilizing a digital signing tool is the most convenient and reliable solution. With a user-friendly and trustworthy digital signature tool, you can effortlessly add your signature to any PDF document or form through an online platform.

In this blog, we will explore how to sign pdf free and introduce you to an innovative solution called Signer.Digital that enhances the signing process. So let’s dive in and discover the seamless way to sign PDFs electronically.

Understanding the Importance of Digital Signatures

Digital signatures play a crucial role in verifying the authenticity and integrity of digital documents. They provide a legally binding representation of your signature, ensuring its validity. By signing a PDF digitally, you eliminate the need for printing, signing, and scanning, making the entire process more efficient and eco-friendly.

Signing a PDF for Free

To sign a PDF for free, you can utilise various online platforms and tools that offer easy-to-use features. One popular method is using Signer.Digital is a comprehensive solution that enables you to sign documents seamlessly. With these tools, you can access the platform from anywhere, customise it to integrate into your existing workflow, and sign documents in real time without the need for pen, paper, or fax.

The sign tool provides a user-friendly interface for signing your PDF documents. There are three distinct methods available to sign a PDF using the sign tool:

Type your signature as text:

With this option, you can digitally represent your signature by typing it out using your keyboard. The tool allows you to choose from a selection of fonts and styles to customise the appearance of your signature. Once you’ve created your signature, you can position it at the desired location within the PDF document.

Draw your signature using your mouse or touchscreen:

If you prefer a more authentic signature, you can utilise the drawing feature of the sign tool. This functionality lets you use your mouse or touchscreen to trace your signature directly onto the screen. The tool provides various brush sizes and colours, allowing you to replicate your signature precisely.

Upload an image of your signature:

For those who already have a scanned image or photograph of their signature, the sign tool enables you to upload it directly into the application. Simply locate the image file on your device; the tool will insert it as your signature. You can adjust the size and position of the signature within the PDF to ensure it appears exactly where you want it.

Using Signer.Digital

Signer.Digital provides a multi-platform solution, including a Bridge Application, SaaS, Libraries, Components, and plugins. This versatility ensures that individuals, SMEs, and large enterprises can easily incorporate the solution into their daily signing and work-flow needs. Whether you require online or offline digital signing, we offer a bulk signing solution for various document types, file hashes, or returns. It also supports pre-processing and post-processing activities, streamlining your work-flow from start to finish.

Benefits of Signer.Digital

Signer.Digital offers several advantages that make it stand out as a powerful signing solution. Firstly, it eliminates the laborious manual efforts, time, and costs of paper-based signing processes. Switching to an automated and efficient online signing solution can save valuable resources and increase productivity.

Secondly, Signer.Digital ensures the security and legality of your signed documents. The platform employs advanced encryption technologies, protecting your data from unauthorised access or tampering with Signer.Digital, you can confidently sign legally binding documents while complying with industry regulations.

Moreover, Signer.Digital is highly customizable, allowing you to integrate it seamlessly with your existing business applications, such as ERP or CRM systems. This level of flexibility enhances your work-flow efficiency and streamlines your signing processes even further.


Signing a PDF document digitally has become necessary in today’s fast-paced digital world. With the availability of free online tools like Signer.Digital, the process has become even more accessible and efficient. By utilising Signer.Digital, you can enjoy the benefits of a multi-platform solution that automates your workflow, ensures document security, and saves you time and resources.

So, why struggle with manual signing processes when you can embrace the future of sign documents online? Take advantage of Signer.Digital features revolutionise the way you sign PDFs. 

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