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Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, much paperwork, like certificates and contracts, has gone digital. Thus chrome pdf signing showed a significant rise. Going digital is great as it supports the go-green methodology. However, the only trouble is that many people have no idea how to sign an agreement online. If you are also one of them, don’t worry; this blog covers you. 

How do you sign a pdf document in Chrome browser?

The default PDF reader on Google Chrome does not allow you to add annotations or alter documents. Microsoft Edge, also based on Chromium, took an advanced step to remove this limitation and introduced these features in its PDF reader. But talking about Chrome, some methods still exist to put your signature to forms or docs on Google Chrome. Here are a few of them – 

1. Generate a Digital Signature using Google Docs

Chrome web browser allows you to have the best Google Docs experience. There are some exclusive features that you will only find in the Chrome web browser. In docs, you can create a digital signature using a drawing tool, add it to your documents then share it on Google Drive. 

To sign on to google drive, you need to follow a few simple steps – 

Step 1: Open google docs and press on the Insert option in the toolbar

Step 2: Move the cursor over the Drawing option; you’ll find the New option

Step 3: Select the Line option and then choose Scribble 

Step 4: Draw your signature by holding down the left mouse button. 

Step 5: Finish the drawing process and click on Save and Close to add your signature to the document

NOTE – If you ever want to resize it, you can do it by clicking on it or double click to redraw. 

2. Add Signature using Adobe Acrobat 

You may add digital signatures to PDF documents with the help of a valuable online tool provided by Adobe Acrobat. Despite the fact that you must sign in using a Google account, the variety of alternatives it offers makes it worthwhile.

3. Signer.Digital Browser Extension for signing PDF documents using Clients DSC Token.

There comes a variety of third-party extensions that you can use to add a digital signature to documents or forms. What makes this method the best of all three is its simplicity of usage. Access to these extensions allows you to upload digital signatures for PDF files quickly, and you can save the signed document in various formats without setup procedure or login requirement.

Tips To Follow While Choosing Extension for Digital Signature 

There are unlimited extensions available for digital signature. To ensure a smooth experience choose an extension that – 

If you want an extension covering all the above-mentioned features, try from using Browser Extension. It works very smoothly and allows you to sign your documents with a lot of ease and comfort. 

In The End 

Using these three methods, you can sign PDF documents on Google. Although Chrome may update and facilitate making edits, until it is not happening, you can serve your purpose by using any of these three methods. However, for a comfortable experience, rely on the extensions for Chrome PDF signing

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