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Digital signatures have been in hype recently. From prominent and renowned organizations to small business owners and individuals, they use digital signatures extensively to sign important documents. However, it’s an excellent service; still, many people doubt using it. Are you also one of them?

Get into this blog if you have doubts regarding digital PDF Signing. We have clarified the most common doubts of people regarding digital signing. So, it would be of great help to you.

What is Digital Signature?

A digital signature uses a mathematical technique to validate the authenticity of a digital document, software, or message. It is an alternative to handwritten signatures but is more secure and reliable.

Myths Related to Digital Signature

Here are doubts that generally strike everyone’s mind when it comes to signing a document digitally through a digital signature –

1. Digital Signature is not safe

Safety is the prime doubt among people whenever they come across digital signatures. Are digital signatures secure? Can anyone forge mine?

Since digital signatures have a private key with the signatory and a public key that is available to everyone, they are highly secure. The signatory uses their private key to sign a document that is unique and solely in his possession.

A case of forgery is highly unlikely to occur because the attacker would have to gain access to the private key to achieve his malicious motive, which is nearly impossible.

2. Digital signatures are not legally binding

That’s untrue! Legal signatures hold as much legal validation as wet signatures do. They are more reliable than handwritten signatures. This is because anyone can forge handwritten signatures, whereas digital signatures have no chance of being tampered with.

3. Digital signature consumes a lot of time

Many people believe face-to-face signatures are good because they are quick and reliable. But digital signatures are more immediate and highly reliable. The digital signature process won’t delay your process but will fasten it. If you choose expert services like Signer.Digital, then you can assure yourself of a speedy and convenient digital signing process.

4. Digital Signature is a lot of hassle

Does setting up digital signatures haunt you? It shouldn’t because the service providers have made it easy for everyone. You can contact the support team of your digital pdf signing service provider or check a demo on YouTube to gain insights into it.

5. Digital signatures are not for every organization

Digital signatures are for every organization. Numerous organizations have already tapped the facility of digital signatures. Not only private, but the trend of digital signatures has also entered the public sector. Every industry, including finance, healthcare, legal, etc., uses digital signatures to sign important documents. Each country’s law regulates its use, so there is nothing to worry about.

In The End

Once you get into the world of digital signatures, there’s no going back. The convenience it offers would keep you hooked, and you would repeatedly use it. So, what are you waiting for? Hope you are not afraid anymore as we have wiped off the most common doubts that people usually have about digital signatures.

Find your partner for digital signature and kickstart your journey of signing pdfs effortlessly with digital signatures.

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