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Discloser & Disclaimer

signer.digtial Browser Extension is a FREE to use and integrate Browser Extension supporting Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers on different operating systems such as Windows, Linux and MAC, browser extension acts as a bridge or connector between the browser and the system keystore or keychain or keyvault to access the user digital certificate stored on the user system or the PKI Cryptographic USB Token or Hardware Security Module owned by the user or user’s organization.

While performing its function the Free signer.digtial Browser Extension do not handle, access or transfer any of the user keys, public or Private, or any of user documents to any server or to any third party application or cloud, , also it doesn’t not read any of the user data or certificates, it can only access the keystore or keychain only after user permission and password in case of the keys are stored on PKI Cryptographic USB Token or Hardware Security Module owned by the user or user’s organization. browser extension doesn’t have any capabilities of reading or transferring data through browser, in case any such thing required the coding and handling needs to be done at the user application end by application owners.

Also the Free signer.digtial Browser Extension do not have any direct access to the PKI Cryptographic USB Token or Hardware Security Module or any of its passwords and this browser extension only access these hardware devices through the PKCS#11 libraries published by these hardware OEMs and as per the permissions allowed by these hardware OEMs.

This browser extension is audited using third party cyber security auditing applications for its security and doesn’t have any capability of reading, accessing, handling or transferring any kind of user data, keys, documents, or information outside the user’s browser. Security assessment of the Extension through the 3rd party applications and below is live report link for reference.

This browser extension has been made available by Google and Mozilla to their official browser stores after complete audit of these extension as per their security policies and data protection policies.

The Browser Extension is free to use, distribute and integrate for all users. If any consultation, specific customization, server side components, any specific signature standard implementation, integration through weblibs and dlls or any integration support is required, the same will be charged based on the case and requirement, for more details please get in touch with us at browser extension doesn’t become global leader in handling PKI operations through modern browser for no reason, as this browser extension is completely secure and upholds all the cyber security, information security and data security norms followed globally, Browser extension has become most sought after PKI function handler extension with more than 500,000+ global users and adding thousands of users every passing week.

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