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Best Digital Signature Software is an easy-to-use and simple way to sign documents online. No more need for printing & scanning- with our offline application, you get access to a digital signature tool that can be used to sign PDFs and other type of documents.

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Numbers You Can Trust

  • 100+ Millions Files/Doc Signed
  • 1000+ Installations
  • 15+ Years of product experience
  • 10+ Countries
  • 300+ Integration (SAP & ERP)

Reasons to Choose

Millions of clients trust us for their critical document needs, where reliability and security are important.

Bulk Signing

We understand organizations need to sign bulk documents every day. Therefore, it can be time-consuming and difficult to manually sign each document. That’s where our digital signature software can help. supports bulk digital signing with two options. One is integrating signing services by using a web server or REST API & other is using our application-based real-time bulk signing engine (which also supports SOAP API) called the Bridge Application.

Our Solution Grows with You

We offer a wide range of tools to sign documents online built to grow with your needs, no matter the size of your business. Explore our full of solutions from robust applications to browser extensions, to APIs, and cloud HSMs backed by a PKI-experienced development and support team.

Solution for Every Industry

Our digital signature tool is trusted by small businesses & large enterprises of every sector.

We serve the industries of different niches like:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Government Departments
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance Sector
  • Education
  • ECommerce
  • Law
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Healthcare
  • Foreign Trade
  • And Others

Cost Effective provides two cost-effective options for digital signatures, saving organizations from spending millions on Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). With, you can easily add digital signatures to PDFs. We have Kluis, a cloud-based, shared HSM, to offer an affordable digital signature tool. Also, our solution supports remote signing with USB tokens & helps you avoid the high costs of installing and maintaining HSMs.

Move Ahead with Unlimited Electronic Signatures

Cost-effective digital signing solutions

No Limits

Sign bulk PDFs and documents, no headaches.

Round-the-Clock Support

Our support team is here to help and guide you whenever you need.

Affordable Pricing

Transparent pricing plans and no hidden costs.

Start in Seconds

Our easy-to-use digital signature tool lets you start signing documents in a few seconds.

Where Digital Signatures are used?

Sales Contracts

Close your deals faster & enjoy a smooth signing experience.

Internal Compliance

Sign off on internal procedural documents, training compliance & much more.


Share invoices for signing & keep tabs on necessary financial documents.

New Hire Documents

Fill out and sign offer letters, onboarding forms, and HR documents securely.

Vendor Forms

Sign, save, and monitor vendor agreements, forms, and applications.

Consent Forms

Easily fill out & sign consent forms on any device.

Sign Documents Online with Your Favorite Tool

Our digital signing solutions are the future of signing, encryption, verification, & authentication for financial institutions, enterprises, & government firms. We provide applications, APIs, web applications, browser extensions, and much more, so you can sign from anywhere and anytime.

Our Wide Range of Products

NextGen Integration Solutions

  • Enterprise Server (Windows) – Real-time signing, auto signing, HSM support, and no integration needed.
  • Web Server (Linux & Windows) – with REST API & CORS, which can be integrated with any web-based application.

Browser Extension

  • Chrome browser plugin
  • Firefox browser plugin
  • Edge browser plugin

Supports Windows, Linux, and MAC


Windows Applications

  • Lite
  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Enterprise

Linux Application

  • Linux
digital signature tool

Need Help Getting Started?

If you are someone looking for a free tool to sign documents online, you may fall victim to scams as free tools can compromise on security of your documents. Hence switch to’s high-quality digital signature tool. We use the industry’s best practices and standards to protect our client’s data & provide the best digital signature software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What do you mean by a digital signature?
A digital signature is a signature done with electronic software. It enables signatories to agree or approve documents in the same way the manual signatures do. It is a method where software validates the signatory & ensures the integrity of the documents.

Q- What types of documents can be signed by your digital signing tools? allows you to sign PDFs and all types of documents online with our robust signing solutions.

Q- What are some best practices for using digital signing tools?
Here are some of the top practices you can use:

  • Securely storing your private key and digital certificates.
  • Regularly updating your software to ensure it has the latest security features.
  • Use strong, unique passwords for your digital signing tool accounts.
  • Verifying the integrity and authenticity of documents before signing.
  • Keeping a backup of important signed documents.

Q- How secure is a digital signature?
Digital signatures are highly secure because of the use of encryption techniques. Also, our tool uses industry standards practices to ensure the complete security of your documents. Our tools and solutions are in line with enterprise security requirements.

Q- What are the benefits of using digital signatures?
Digital signatures offer increased security, convenience, efficiency, and reduced costs compared to traditional paper-based signing processes. We offer highly efficient and secure alternatives to free digital signature software, which is not that robust and secure.

Q- How do digital signatures work?
Digital signatures work on a system called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that uses two keys – a private key for the signer and a public key for others to verify.

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