What is Signer.Digital Browser Extension?

Most of the web applications require Digital Signing documents, files, eReturns (XML or JSON) etc, from user’s Browser using user’s local machine Key-store, USB Token or Smartcard. Older methods being java applets, Active X, etc which are phased out or are being phased out from the new Modern Browser offerings.

Recently much is being talked about WebCrypto API but as of now, WebCrypto API does not provide access to (Windows) or any other Key stores or local crypto USB/Smartcard device.

Also in most of the signing scenarios, for requirement to protect pdf file or data to be signed within the server boundaries, it’s not recommended to send complete pdf file or data to be signed, to web browser.

Thus, its good practice, to use JavaScript through browser extension to access some application running on local system which in turn access local KeyStore and produce the signature and send back (PKCS7 or CMS container in case of PDF signing) to server where the signature may be injected back to PDF from which hash was created for signing and was sent to browser. Signer.Digital.Weblib (Windows and Java libraries) or library provided by any other provider may be used to achieve this.

Developers and System Integrators please refer to below StackOverflow posts for more information: (Upvote if helpful !!)
Functions supported:

  1. Sign GST or ITR returns from Web Browser: https://stackoverflow.com/a/55692742/9659885
  2. Sign PDF from web Browser: https://stackoverflow.com/a/55676351/9659885
  3. DSC Web Login (Authentication): https://stackoverflow.com/a/55757349/9659885

FREE Signer.Digital Chrome Extension

For browser based signing scenarios, one such free Chrome extension available is Signer.Digital Chrome Extension. Local system (host running behind the chrome browser on windows) may be downloaded from: DOWNLOAD or from https://download.cnet.com/Signer-Digital-Chrome-Extension/3000-33362_4-78042540.html

Installing this host and restarting Chrome will automatically add Signer.Digital Chrome Extension
The actual working of this extension is illustrated here.

FREE Signer.Digital Edge Browser Extension

Signer.Digital Extension for Microsoft Edge Browser is under development and shall be available on Windows Store by mid of 2019.