Why Signer.Digital?

In this age most of the documents and files are communicated through internet, Organizations, Banks, Government and Corporates often need to send or upload or transfer hundreds, thousands or even million files or documents to customers, clients, partners, employees or beneficiaries or transaction servers. These systems are designed for generating huge number of files and documents and through automated process and workflow, at this scale no human user can be involved in creating or signing of these files and documents. What required is a fully automated on-demand real-time or monitored digital signing system and Signer.Digital is answer to that.

How Signer.Digital Works?

Apart from various signing and authentication integration components, Signer.Digital offers out-of-box document & file signer bridge application with plenty of pre-processors and post-processors which can be put across any automated real time workflow.

Signer.Digital supports bulk signing of files and documents either by integrating API (Libraries are available for Java & .Net) or by using our Signer bridge application, Signer.Digital Server/Console in existing ERP or CRM or SAP system, in this case no integration is required and your existing application can be set-up to sign in minutes, simple and basic solution architecture is as below;

Signer.Digital Server runs as Windows Service on Windows Server or Desktop OS and Signer.Digital Console can connect to this service across LAN or WAN to control and monitor the service. Apart from being Management and Monitoring tool, Signer.Digital Console can be used by users to sign pdf documents & files locally and can also act as Remote Signing client for Signer.Digital Server wherein, user can use his local DSC from USB Token to check and sign document & file on the server Remotely.

Remote Signing profiles may be cascaded to create Work-Flow for chain of approvals required from process owners, managers, authorized signatories for documents or files like purchase orders or license, NPCI format files or XML files etc.


Console provides simple Dashboard where different realtime profiles and their status may be monitored, even accessible remotely, and alerts may be acted upon.


Profile-wise configurable multithreading helps handle Gigantic Work Loads only limited by your Server hardware. Tested for 0.2 million+ signatures per hour using local HSM.


Apart from native HSM support, Signer.Digital provides portal for configuring Kluis Profiles for document & file signing from Signer.Digital Server or Console.


Integration Libraries for .NET and Java along with free Browser Extensions for all Modern Browsers for PDF Signing, eReturn Signing, file signing and DSC based Authentication.

Main Features