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Signer.Digital Web Server and Rest API

Signer.Digital Webserver is modern cross platform web application and Rest API developed on .NET Core 3.1 for Signing PDF from Modern Web Browsers.

Signer.Digital Web Server supports Windows, Linux or Mac platforms.

Being cross platform application, Signer.Digital WebServer is also suitable to deploy on Linux and Mac Desktops as standalone signing solution using local USB Token.

The product runs as a Web Server providing Web based Console to manage and monitor Signer.Digital Service and also provides Rest API’s that can integrate with any web based application where it is not possible to integrate .NET or Java libraries (with corresponding PDF component) due to various reasons like .NET or Java version incompatibility, easy unavailability of affordable PDF component for the required platform, or requirement to support signing from multiple applications by keeping the Signature access code centralized.

Rest APIs provided by webserver helps application developers to just call a HTTP API just by posting Signature Setting Name and file or PDF file byte array and get the signed file or PDF file as a response to HTTP API call. web Server

digital.signer Web Server supports Windows, Linux & MAC Platforms.

Important: Please check our Server (bridge) Application which is ready to deploy and does not need a single line of code for integration.

We Offer Dual Variants in Webserver

Signer.Digital Webserver Digital Signature Rest API may be integrated with any Web Application for interactive signing from user’s token connected to users device, by selecting enabling of CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) and comes in two flavors Web Server Without UI

Without UI Web Server With UI

With UI (User Interface)

Technical Specifications Browser Extension Technical Specifications

Security Features nested in Webserver Webserver Security

How it Works

How It Works Web Server scaled

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