4 Benefits of Using Digital Signatures to Sign PDFs

Pen and paper signatures have been used for centuries. It’s a quick and efficient approach to confirm someone’s identity and, consequently, their consent. But how can we use technology in today’s digital world to mimic the weight of a handwritten signature? The advantages of Digital Signatures have now entered the digital sphere. You can copy […]

How Does a Digital Signature Work? What are its Benefits?


It’s simple to become carried away by the urge to have documents signed electronically at a time when electronic signatures are gaining popularity across a wide range of businesses. There are many reasons to be thrilled about this technology, but before choosing how the digital signature is good for you, it’s important to know a […]

Egypt eInvoicing API – signer.digital Solution


Knowledge Back to Blog Post The government of Egypt has introduced electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) from 15 November 2020 in a first trial phase for select, large businesses. This has extended to other business from 01 January 2022. As per the Egypt eInvoiceing regulations, eInvoices submitted in JSON or XML form through different interfaces, including Rest […]

signer.digital – A Robust Cloud PKI Solution to Encrypt and Sign Documents

Knowledge Back to Blog Post It is essential to keep business information and assets safe and confidential. Adding extra layers of protection to your value system is more than a necessity. Thanks to PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), which is employing advanced authentication and encryption procedures to reduce risks to your network. In today’s hyper-connected world, […]

signer.digital – Why Emerging as a Need for Signing PDFs in Bulk?

Knowledge Back to Blog Post There is no denying that digital signatures have encouraged organizations to switch from a paper-based environment to a paperless environment. Traditionally, documents/files are signed and delivered manually, turning the whole process time-consuming, expensive, and cumbersome. The concept of the digital signing of documents is gaining momentum lately, allowing organizations to […]

How to Digitally Sign PDF Documents Without Compromising Security?

Knowledge Back to Blog Post These days, more and more papers are turning into PDF documents and further, converted into exact digital copies for better convenience. As hundreds of documents are being signed and shared with vendors, customers or employees, you need a fully automated real-time-based digital signature tool to eliminate paper-based work procedures. Use […]

What is Digital Signing of Documents and How does it Work?

Knowledge Back to Blog Post Digital signatures are electronic signatures using a standard, accepted format called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to provide a high level of security. It authenticates the identity of the signer and ensures documents are transferred electronically without being forged or tampered with. Digital signing of documents provides better security and assurance of […]